Cai Maver's Family History

Garber Records

This page contains an index of the records I have found on the Garber family. Right now the list contains only a few records but I will be putting more on the website in the near future. Click on the Record Size to view the record you are interested in.


Record Index

Individual on Record Record Type Record Date Record Size Notes
Edward Juler and Family Census June 9, 1880 491 Kb The Juler Family is in line 21. It shows Edward Juler, his wife Jane, and their daughter Mamie.
Arthur Browne and Family Ship Manifest Oct. 29, 1883 72 Kb The Brown Family is on lines 5 -7. It shows Arthur Browne, his wife Jeanetta, and their daughter Gwendolyn.
George Garber and Family Census 1920 273 Kb George Garber, his wife Gwendolyn, and their son George are on lines 28 - 30.
Robert Alston Obituary 1935 58 Kb Robert Alston's newspaper obituary was kindly provided by George Garber. I do not have a date for this and I do not know what newspaper it came from. George also warned me to take some of the information in it with a grain of salt.
Rose Marie Alston Newspaper ? 42 Kb This is the newspaper article from when Rose was killed on an amusement park ride. The copy is difficult to read but you can make most of it out. I will provide a typed transcript at a later date.
Rase Marie Alston Newspaper ? 34 Kb This is a follow-up article to the one above, giving a little more information about Rose's death.