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Garber Research

I have just found the ship manifest for the Browne family when they emmigrated from England to America in 1883 which is pretty exciting. I also recently found a 1880 U.S. census record that appears to list Edward Juler's wife as Jane, not Mary so I am going to do some research on this and see what explanaions come up for it.

I am still searching for possible birth records for George Garber, son of Samuel and Miriam Garber, in Hamburg and other German cities. So far, no luck but more records are available almost every day so I haven't given up yet.

Garber Records Wishlist

The following records are ones that I feel would help me learn new things about the Garber family but that I have not yet found. If you have any of these records to share or would like to help to try and find these records, please contact me.

Individual on Record Record Type Record Date Notes
George Garber Death record ?? Hopefully, George's death record will give more information about where he was born and more information about his parents.
George Garber Naturalization 1891 - 1910 I know for certain that George became a Naturalized citizen before 1910 and he was probably Naturalized around 1896. Like his death record, I hope that this record will give more information about where George came from.
George Garber and Gwendolyn Browne Marriage June 1899 This record give some information about where George and Gwendolyn were in New York George and Gwendolyn were living which in turn might give more information about the Browne family.
George Garber Ship Manifest 1891? I have been searching for this record for some time but with no luck. While it would be nice to hae this record to know when exactly George came to America, it is unlikely that it will give any clues about where George came from.
George Garber and Gwendolyn Browne Ship Manifest 1898 or 1899 I have not had any luck finding this record either. This would be the record that showed George Garber coming back to America from England with the Brownes whom he had met on the way over. This record might give some details about both George and the Browne family.