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James Maver's Will

The following is a transcription of the will for James Maver born January 2, 1833. He died on April 28, 1869, seven months after the birth of his last child, John Brown Maver (you can see from this will that this son was named after John Brown, a close friend of James who was present at the reading of this will). James' death record shows that he died of of Phthisis, an archaic medical term for pulmonary tuberculosis. James had been suffering from this disease for 12 months by the time he passed away.

I found a scanned in copy of this will at Copyright restrictions prohibit me from showing the actual will on this website which is why a typed transcription is available here. The same website also has the inventory of James' possesions at the time of his death which I will type up at a later time.

Will of James Maver
Entered August 10, 1869

I, James Maver, Dyer, Clerk Street, Edinburgh being desirous to provide for the disposal of my means and estate after my death and for the love and favor which I have and bear to Ms. Mary Marshall or Maver my wife do hearby give grant assign and dispose to and in favor of the said Ms. Mary Marshall or Maver and her heirs and assignees whomsoever heritably and irredeemably my whole means and estate heritable and moveable real and personal wherever situated or addebted which shall shall belong or be addebted to me at the time of my death including the good will of the business presently carried on by me with the whole vouchers and instructions of the said moveable and personal estate and the writs and evidents of my said heritable estate but always with and under the burden of my lawful debts and obligations payment of my funeral expenses and of such gifts or legacies as I may think to leave by any deed or writing however informed to be executed by me at any time of my life. Declaring also that the above disposition of my said means and estate in favor of my said wife shall be burdened with the maintenance and education o the children procreated and to be procreated of my marriage with my said wife till they are in a position to maintain themselves: and I hereby nominate and appoint my wife the said Ms. Mary Marshall or Maver to be my sole executor and I reserve full power to revoke these presents. And I dispense with the delivery and I reserve my liferent right and I consent to registration hereof for preservation of witness whereof I have [subsenlied?] these presents written by George Mure Wood Solicitor at Law in Edinburgh at Edinburgh upon the nineteenth day of April eighteen hundred and sixty nine years before these witnesses the said George Mure Wood and John Brown residing within number twelve Junction street Leith.
(signed) John Brown
Geo M Wood witness
John Brown witness.
Edinburgh 10 August 1869. This is the disposition and settlement refered to in my affidavit of this date.
(signed) Mary Maver
(signed) David Lewis

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