Cai Maver's Family History


The following is the research that I am currently working on. Let me know if you have anything to contribute to this.

Coughlan - I have finally tracked down Michael Coughlan's birth certificate! I have since done some research on his parents, Daniel and Julia, but with no luck. Most of the Irish records were destroyed in a fire in 1922 so researching families from the 1850's to the 1900's is difficult. I did however find a William Coughlan living in Coolnagarrane (the very tiny town where Michael was born) and I suspect that this is Michael's grandfather; I must now try and verify this. I am also going to write to the parish priest in Hermosillo, Mexico to try and get more information on Morris Levay (probably Levi) and Andrea Durazo.

Garber - I just found a 1880 U.S. census record that appears to list Edward Juler's wife as Jane, not Margaret so Iam going to do some research on this and see what explanaions come up for it. I have also begun searching for possible birth records for George Garber, son of Samuel and Miriam Garber.

Mahoney - I owe a big debt of gratitude to my great uncle Dan Mahoney in San Francisco for all of his research in Ireland and for sharing it with me. My goal is to continue where he left off by trying to find more facts about Timothy Mahoney's father, Michael Mahoney. The parish priest believed that Michael Mahoney and Abbey Connell of Coorigrenane gave birth to Michael Mahoney (Timothy's father) in October 1839. This would mean that Michael did not have his first kid until he was 42 which doesn’t seem to fit right to me. So either this is the wrong Michael Mahoney (which I think is probably the case) or the date was recorded wrong in the parish registers. As with the Coughlans, this will all require research in Irish Parish records. I have more or less given up on the Sullivan's (Timothy Mahoney's wife's family) since even the parish priest where they are from said that there are too many Sullivans in the area to be sure of who is related to who.

Maver - I have just recieved a whole slough of information from Arlington Cemetery in Kearny, NJ. It turns out that all of the Maver's who came to America are buried here so I now have all of their dates of death and I have even discovered some individuals that I didn't know existed. I was also able to get photographs of the gravestones of a few of the individuals. This should help fill out a lot of the missing details about the Maver's in America and I would like to extend a big thanks to Edward Murray at the Arlington Cemetery for all of his help. I was able to get the marriage records for William Mavor and Agnes Kidd in 1790 but it didn't turn up any clues about their parents. I will try their childrens birth certificates frst and see if that yields anything new.